Welcome to the 2nd Kirkham (St Michael's) Scout Group            Join The Adventure                                                                      

We are a thriving Scout Group in the market town of Kirkham, located on the Fylde coast between Preston and Blackpool in West Lancashire.

We have a Beaver Scout Colony (6-8 year olds), a Cub Scout Pack (8-10.5) a Scout Troop (10.5-14) and a number of Young Leaders who belong to local Explorer Scout Units (14-18) who are training with the Sections. 

We welcome boys and girls and are a non-denominational Group.

We are fortunate to have our own secure Scout Hut and small field and to have good equipment for providing adventurous activities such as kayaking.


General Update

Our Scout Group continues to provide lots of adventures to many young people in Kirkham and the surrounding area.  These adventures are with great thanks to the members of the Group who volunteer each week dedicating their valuable time. The Group has a committed team of adults who run all aspects of the Group to a high standard and carry out a fantastic job.

The Group continues to grow with increased adult support. New members have recently joined the Executive Committee, Beaver Scout Colony team and in general support (i.e. transportation of equipment to and from camp, catering at events, and support of the Group's outdoor activitie, and more).

As a Group, additional support is welcome: new members all bring different skills and knowledge that can benefit the many young people in Scouting with us.  Our Group is supporting plans for the many adventures that are to be undertaken within the next year and beyond. If you would like to join our Team then please get in contact with myself.

Paul Jackson, 2nd Kirkham Lead Volunteer


Restrictions on the Information Given

Please note that for reasons of safety, individual people are not identified in the text nor in the photographs.