Our Beaver Colony

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Who We Are

Beaver Scouts are the youngest members of the Scout Movement and collectively they form a 'Colony' - just as Cubs form a 'Pack', Scouts a 'Troop' and Explorer Scouts a 'Unit'. They are normally aged between six and eight years old. We have the flexibility to admit them at 5 years and 9 months and to keep them until they are 8 years and 6 months but. in practice, they will be at least 6 years old when they start and just over 8 when they move up to the Cub Scout Pack. We automatically phase them into the Pack as soon as a place becomes available.

Our Colony started in June 1987 and we usually have 24 Beaver Scouts. The Beavers are organised into 4 'lodges' - Pine, Redwood, Maple and Willow - each with up to 6 Beavers.

They are supervised by Leaders, Colony Assistants and Young Leaders.

Their uniform is very distinctive - a turquoise sweatshirt, dark red necker and long, dark blue activity trousers.

What We Do

We meet once a week in our own Group Scout Hut for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The Beavers enjoy a very wide range of activities - crafts, games, songs, stories, visits, visitors, ceremonies - organised by the Colony Leaders. We also provide some additional activities at a weekend. In addition we take part in activities run by the Group, District and County. We try to cover activities which they do not do in school.

Beaver Scouts can also take part in Sleepovers. We hold Sleepovers, organised on a Colony, Group or District basis.

In a typical year we could enjoy:

Colony-organised :

  • Sleepover
  • Climbing
  • Archery
  • Shooting
  • Joint meetings with other local Colonies
  • Christmas fancy dress party

Group-organised :

  • Bagpack at Morrisons
  • Kirkham Club Day walk with St. Michael's Church
  • Kirkham Civic Sunday service
  • Trip to Blackpool Illuminations
  • Christingle service

District-organised :

  • Sleepover
  • St George's Day event
  • Jamboree-on-the-Trail hike
  • Fun Day
  • Sandcastles competition on St Annes beach
  • District Quiz competition
  • Party and Campfire

County-organised :

  • Fun Day at Waddecar, the County campsite near Beacon Fell

Our Badges

As a Beaver Scout, you can earn, subject to the agreement of the Colony Leaders

  • Core Badges
  • Challenge Awards
  • Activity Badges
  • Staged-Activity Badges - as you become more proficient / experienced in these activities, the award is progressively upgraded
  • the Chief Scout's Bronze Award - the highest award

These are in addition to

  • District, County badges and Group nametape which are awarded when you are invested into the Colony

As a Colony we encourage everyone to gain the Chief Scout's Bronze Award.

Full details of the requirements of each badge can be obtained from the Scout website - Press here to access for more details and to find out where to place the badges on the Cub uniform.

The Beaver Scout Promise

As a member of the Scout Movement, when you join the Beaver Scouts, you make the Beaver Scout Promise :

I promise to do my best to be kind and helpful and to love God.

Scouts is open to people of all faiths and of none. That’s why we have different variations of our Promise, so that everyone’s included and can say a set of words that means something to them.

We all regularly renew this promise, especially when new members join and at the annual District St. George's Day service.

Our Beaver Scout Motto

Be Prepared